Our steel frames can be fitted with a range of different hinges: pin hinges, swing door hinges and hinges integrated with the frame.

The 3240-NPC hinge is a tried-and-tested design that has been refined over the years. What makes it special is that it leaves a wider clearance when it is opened to 90 degrees. To create an even wider clearance, our range also includes the 3228-FOP..


There are many different types of threshold. Our brochure contains the most common types.

Steel frames can also be fitted with timber thresholds or rubber thresholds with a sealing strip.

Product sheet

Sealing strips

There are currently two types of sealing strip, but a third is currently under development.

Bolt cutout/strike plate

Powder coated frames are supplied as standard with an adjustable strike plate flush mounted to the frame jamb. For fully or partly stainless steel frames, a bolt cutout can be created directly in the frame jamb, equipped with an adjustable strike plate cover.

The frame is also available with a high security strike plate or a recess for an electronic strike plate.

Wiring and pipework

The frames can be supplied with recesses for various electronic components such as lead covers, magnetic switches, cable pulling slots, etc. They can be prepared with cable conduits and pull wire from the factory.

Product sheet

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