Why use a steel frame instead of a timber frame? Steel frames handle wear and tear much better than timber frames. The maintenance costs of a steel frame are much lower, and they have an elegant appearance and a hard wearing lustre. We have built up substantial expertise in the production of steel frames. There is a wide range of basic models which we can modify in terms of dimensions and options, hole patterns and colours. The prices are competitive and we are unbeatable on construction and quality.

Our welded frames pioneered as a perfect example of the industry standard, and they are outstanding in terms of hygiene, security and precision. Our range also includes 3-piece knock down frames which are easier and cheaper to deliver than the welded frames. A mini frame could be the right choice for a property owner with worn timber frames. It is easily fitted on top of the existing frame, creating a new frame at low cost.

We excel at special projects where our customers have high expectations and challenging requirements. We accept steel frame orders containing many different options and sizes – nothing is impossible! Examples include different frame profiles and complete solutions for doors and windows. We also make anti-radiation frames with a lead lining, and frames for enclosures of electronics. We have plenty of references from a range of custom-built solutions.

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References "Places with lots of activity need an elegant steel frame."

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