Steel frames are elegant precision products. The photos below are from reference projects in a wide range of different applications. We hope they will be a source of ideas and inspiration. Our steel frames are of the highest quality. For us, quality means precision, durability and a hard wearing lustre. Each steel frame project is unique in its own way, and we relish technical challenges and promote attractive design.


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Karolinska Hospital in Solna, Stockholm, Sweden

Umeå University Hospital, Umeå. Sweden

GLOBEN in Stockholm, Sweden

Photo: SGA Fastigheter AB

1000 steel frames in GLOBEN.

Hospital of Southern Jutland, Aabenraa, Denmark

Skuespilhuset, Copenhagen, Denmark

University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark

Skejby, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

Jämtlands Gymnasium, Fyrvalla, Östersund, Sweden (under construction)

Restaurant, Sweden

Clarion Hotel & Congress, Trondheim, Norway

Constructed 2012, photos from 2016.

Huddinge Hospital, Sweden

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