Chimney covers, enclosures, flashing, roof protection, etc.
We develop and manufacture chimney covers of the highest quality. We have been making chimney covers in Strömsund for 40 years. It is a long tradition, resulting in a quality product. Our covers and components have been gradually improved, and they are now probably among the best on the market. Our customer's ideas and requirements over the years have been crucial, enabling us to manufacture a high quality, Swedish-made chimney cover. The covers are designed to protect the chimney/pipe and are built to withstand the Scandinavian climate. A cover provides protection and reduces the risk of damage from leaks and damp. It helps to keep the building in good condition over the long term, and there are not many householders who are willing to take any chances on that!

We have a comprehensive and effective range of machinery for varied production.     Our basic range includes covers suitable for most chimneys and roofs.                     The covers are made of coated sheet metal with a wide range of options.                  We are very used to meeting individual customer requirements.

Does your company sell chimney products? Would you also like to offer your customers a Swedish-made quality cover?

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