We are fortunate to have substantial premises with a range of machinery and rationalised workflows. We are experts in special production, customer adaptations, flexibility and high service levels. We can achieve all this thanks to our highly skilled and ambitious workforce. They are backed up by machinery including punches, press brakes, folding machines, guillotines, welding machines, glue presses and powder coating facility. We also have our own cleanroom where we can carry out glazing in a dust-free environment.

We have our own design department and fully-equipped workshop so we can keep everything in-house. The advantage is that we stay in full control of production flow, quality, delivery times and service. Nordplåt applies ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.



Nordplåt Carmen AB  I Abborrviksvägen 3 SE 833 35  STRÖMSUND  I Phone:+46 670 64 80 80